The rise and fall of third-party cookies

In Part 2 of his talk, Lou Montulli discusses the transformation of the cookie into an adtech tracking tool. He opens up about the opportunity he had to end third-party cookies then and there – and why he and his team decided to retain them.

Drawing parallels from the early internet’s innovation surge, he compares it to the current AI hype, presenting an intriguing perspective on technological evolution, regulation and their implications.

This Interview was recorde during the event “Heroes of Data & Privacy”.


Lou Montulli, Co-Founder & CTO, JetInsight, Inventor of the Web Cookie.

Lou Montulli is known for developing foundational web technologies, including the HTTP cookie. He invented the cookie to enable new functionality on the Web while protecting user privacy. Contrary to his original intent, the technology was used to track users across domains. Montulli joined Netscape as a founding engineer and wrote the networking features for the first versions of that browser. He also invented the blink tag, server push, client pull, HTTP proxying, among others.

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