Optimize your TikTok marketing with JENTIS' server-side tracking and gain precise conversion data while simultaneously meeting the requirements of the GDPR.

Advantages at a glance

Discover the benefits of server-side TikTok implementation with JENTIS. Learn how you can enhance data security, optimize website performance, and collect privacy-compliant user data.

Google Analytics 4 datenschutzkonform

Solve data protection

Our platform ensures the secure collection and processing of data in accordance with data protection regulations under the GDPR.

Performance Optimierung durch Server-Side Tracking

Boost Performance

Improve website performance by offloading data-intensive processing to the JENTIS server instead of relying solely on the website.

Bessere Customer JourneysEnhance customer journeys

Our solution enables optimized customer journey tracking. Companies can extend their customer journeys by up to 50%.

Minimierung von Datenverlusten

Ensure data quality

Bypassing ad blockers and tracking prevention measures ensures complete data for conversion analysis.

TikTok server-side

TikTok server-Side with JENTIS – overview

With JENTIS’ Data Capture Platform, you can implement TikTok server-side in no time – and in compliance with legal requirements. What are you waiting for? Here are the key details at a glance:

Setup Privacy Features Data Uplift Add-Ons
Basic: 10 minutes

Enhanced: 20 minutes

Anonymization/Pseudonymization of personal data, Essential Mode, Timeframing

Full data uplift with Essential Mode

Synthetic Users

ID Pooling

Server-Side-Tracking with JENTIS

Use server-side tracking with JENTIS to make your TikTok campaigns privacy-compliant, optimize performance, and capture precise conversion data. Setting up the TikTok Pixel is quick and easy with just a few clicks, making it ready for immediate use.

Boost your success on TikTok with JENTIS. Discover the benefits of server-side tracking and leverage the potential of TikTok for your social media marketing. Start today and connect creative content with privacy-compliant tracking on TikTok.

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Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics 4
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Google Ads

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Google Ads with JENTIS

Capture Google Ads with JENTIS and benefit from more accurate conversion data, better attribution, and full privacy compliance.


Die Vorteile von Server-Side Tag Management

Die JENTIS Data Capture Platform bietet Server-Side Tag Management auf höchstem Niveau für optimales Tracking und umfassenden Datenschutz.


Essential Mode

Collect anonymous data with JENTIS Essential Mode and understand what your visitors are really doing on your website.