Piwik PRO with JENTIS

Supercharge your Piwik PRO Analytics Suite with privacy-compliant server-side tracking.

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is a privacy-first platform that provides an advanced collection of modules centered around analytics. It enables businesses to safely optimize the customer journey and respect visitor’s choices.

With the JENTIS connector for Piwik PRO, you can switch to data protection-compliant server-side tracking with just a few clicks. The integration allows you to collect more precise data on your website and transfer it seamlessly to your Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

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Get better data for Piwik PRO

Collect more page views, see complete customer journeys and 99% of conversions in your Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

Performance Optimierung durch Server-Side Tracking

Boost your ad performance

Allocate your budgets more effectively, boost ROAS and make better decision with complete first-party data forwarded to your ad platforms.

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Connect all your tools

Make your data life easier with a single data layer on your website – connect Piwik PRO and over 100 other tools and platforms with just one click.


Complete data control

Decide which data is shared with your tools and platforms, and how you want to share it – from fully identifiable to anonymized.


Why combine JENTIS and Piwik PRO?

Piwik PRO is a flexible analytics solution for marketers and analysts that lets you respect user privacy every step of the way. At JENTIS, we also believe that businesses should have full control over their data. You should decide how to capture and share your data – not Big Tech and third-party vendors. Following the principles of Privacy by Design, JENTIS Tag Manager is the most compliant server-side tag manager on the market.

By combining the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite and JENTIS Tag Manager, you can effectively drive business results and gain data-informed insights, all while respecting your users’ privacy along their journey.


Piwik PRO with JENTIS

Why choose better data quality?

Ad blockers, tracking preventions and missing consent can result in the capture of only 30-40% of website data. This leads to incomplete customer journeys, false attribution, wasted marketing investment and bad business decisions overall.

With JENTIS, you have access to powerful server-side tracking. It allows you to collect first-party data and regain the data previously lost to ad blockers and tracking preventions. JENTIS delivers reliable results so your team can make even better data-driven decisions.

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JENTIS – The most advanced server-side tracking

Increase data quality in all your tools and applications with the most advanced and powerful server-side tracking technology on the market.


All connectors at a glance

Add all your third-party tools to your server-side tracking setup with just a few clicks.


JENTIS Tag Manager

Implement and maintain your server-side tracking setup with the JENTIS Tag Manager. Control everything from containers to tools and tags in one place.