Piwik Pro

Use your usual Piwik Pro setup with server-side tracking from JENTIS.

Your advantages at a glance

With the Piwik Pro connector of the JENTIS Data Capture Platform, you can use your existing analytics setup with better data quality and complete data control – securely and legally compliant.

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Comply with data protection

The Data Capture Platform captures web data in a privacy-compliant manner and seamlessly passes it to Piwik Pro.

Performance Optimierung durch Server-Side Tracking

See more of the customer journey

With server-side tracking, you can reliably recognise your users and get correct customer journeys that are up to 50% longer.

Bessere Customer Journeys

Maximum flexibility

With your Data Capture Platform, you not only provide Piwik Pro with the highest quality data, but also all your other marketing and analytics tools.


Complete control

Data control means independence from big tech and the good feeling of being able to react immediately to changes in the regulatory environment.

Piwik Pro mit JENTIS Überblick

Die JENTIS Data Capture Platform ermöglicht die Nutzung von Piwik Pro mit fortschrittlichem Server-Side-Tracking. Die wichtigsten Daten auf einen Blick:

Setup Privacy Features Data Uplift Add-Ons
Basic: 10 minutes
Enhanced : 20 minutes
Anonymisation / pseudonymisation
of personal data,
Full data uplift
with Essential Mode
Essential Mode,
Synthetische User


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JENTIS – The most advanced server-side tracking

Server-side tracking is the engine of the JENTIS Data Capture Platform and enables valuable features for organisations that need accurate data analysis, data protection and flexibility in processing user data.


All connectors at a glance

Add all your third-party tools to your server-side tracking setup with just a few clicks.


JENTIS Tag Manager

Implement and maintain your server-side tracking setup with the JENTIS Tag Manager. Control everything from containers to tools and tags in one place.