25. May 2023

This was Heroes of Data & Privacy 2023

Two great, exciting and informative days have come to an end. A summary in pictures from the live event in Vienna.

A Review in Numbers

2 days – 25 sessions – 30 outstanding speakers
3 exciting panels and a world premiere
150 great guests on site in Vienna – 600 in the live stream
from 27 nations and 4 continents
4 different cookies to choose from – a clearly chosen “cookie of the year”
478 cups of coffee enjoyed – many good conversations had.

With Heroes of Data & Privacy 2023, we had the pleasure of hearing from speakers from a wide variety of fields in marketing, law and technology. They brought their unique perspectives and deepened our understanding of the intersection between data and privacy in their respective sectors.

Our mission was to bring these perspectives together and promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration. We hope to have achieved this goal – the fantastic weather may also have contributed positively.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Heroes of Data & Privacy 2023 such a memorable experience.

Day 1 in Pictures

Mehr Information


Synthetic Users: Capture complete and accurate Data for Performance Marketing – even without Consent

The new, revolutionary technology from JENTIS makes it possible to collect all data lost through negative consent in a DSGVO- and ePrivacy-compliant manner.


Whitepaper: Server-Side-Tracking mit einer Data Capture Platform (DCP)

Wie Sie mit Server-Side-Tracking die maximale Datenqualität für Ihr Marketing erreichen und dabei compliant bleiben – das Whitepaper zum Download.


What is cookieless Tracking?

The end of third-party cookies is causing a major transition across many industries. Everyone agrees the future of tracking is cookieless. But what is cookieless tracking, really?