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Work at JENTIS and help reshape the future of website data

To achieve our vision we partner with the best and hardest-working people across the world. Join our team of top motivated, driven and brilliant minds.


Senior HR & Recruitment Manager

Scale the JENTIS Team

React Developer - GUI

Bringing the JENTIS user interface to the next level

Junior Webtracking Engineer

Pixel-Development for the JENTIS Tag Manager

Account Executive Cloud/SaaS - GER

Expansion of the market in Germany

DevOps Engineer

The JENTIS IT-Infrastructure: Servermanagement and Kubernetes

Internship - Data protection & IT law

Exciting insights and hands-on experience on compliance

Our Benefits

What makes the work at JENTIS so awesome?



    We love to be in the office together, not only to work on exciting new ideas but also to enjoy a nice coffee or cook a delicious meal together. At the same time we embrace flexibility and you can work when and where you want. We trust in your individual responsibilty.



    We honor loyality. That's why we offer an employee exit participation program. We also honor people going the extra mile and exceeding themselves. Additionally you will therefore get either a direct or indirect perfomance-based bonus.



    No matter if CEO or trainee - everyone communicates with each other on one level. Every idea is heard. Every feedback is appreciated. Everyone has the chance to make an impact.



    We are a learning company, always eager to challenge the status quo and improve our work and ourselves. At JENTIS we have gathered amazing people with exciting experiences and brilliant minds. We learn a lot from each other and education is a key element of our values.



    We love spending some quality team time together. Cooking a healthy lunch, destroying each other in Mortal Combat, Partying at the CEO's house. There's something for everyone!



    We are a dog company, so you don't have to leave your furry friends home alone. There are even scientific studies showing the positive effects of pets in the office, so feel free to bring your dog!


How it works

  1. Your application

    Sending your CV is a great start, but what will really impress us is some honest words from you why you think JENTIS is a perfect fit for you, and you for JENTIS! If you are in the next round, we will let you know within 2 weeks via E-Mail and arrange a call.

  2. First call (~30 minutes)

    The first call aims at giving you more first-hand insights about our company, the way we work and the position you applied for. It's a first get-to-know-each-other and clarify administrative topics. You can already ask all your questions.

  3. Interviews (~30 minutes)

    During (usually) 2 interview rounds we will not only talk about your experiences and skills, but also find out together your personal fit to the team! In these interviews you will meet your future supervisor as well as at least one future coworker.

  4. Final Check (~30-60 minutes)

    At the end of the process you will meet the CEOS: Klaus and Thomas. If both sides are confident about our happy ever after, the only remaining question is: when do you start?

Good to know:

How will the interview take place?

We use Google Meets for our interviews – you will get an invitation with a link. No need to download or register anything – it works via any browser! We are responsible regarding Covid-19, therefore we reduce personal interviews to the minimum and will discuss this individually with you.

What should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code – feel free to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Why so many interviews?

As you see, we do quite a few rounds of interviews. Why? We choose really carefully who we hire, in order to create the most amazing team. So far it worked out great this way! And not only we want to be 100% confident with our decision. We also want to give you the possibility to learn as much about us as possible and meet different team members in order to give you an authentic impression of what you work at JENTIS will look like and to ensure that you will feel 100% happy with you decision!

What if I wasn’t successful?

Sometimes it is just not the right timing for you and JENTIS. Even if it didn’t work out for a specific position, always feel free to come back later and impress us with what you learned or accomplished in the meantime!